New Pope Used as Subject of Email Scams

New Pope Used as Subject of Email Scams

Pope Francis has only been the new pope for a week, but that has been more than enough time for email scams to be sparked at his expense. In the latest round of emails, topics such as the pope and child abuse and other “breaking news’” emails have been released to users across the world. If you open your email and click on the link to read about the new pope, your computer is instantly infected with a virus once the webpage is opened.

If you receive any emails about the new pope that hasn’t been sent from a source you don’t know, don’t open the email. Delete it as quickly as possible. If you really want to know about Pope Francis I, use a search engine on your computer and check out the numerous credible news sites out there on the web.

It seems like email scams are still something to worry about, but it’s sad to me that Pope Francis the being used to entice people to ready those emails. And not just to protect yourself against email apps, but you should have some anti-virus software on your computer to keep yourself safer from viruses.

How do you feel about email scams? Have you ever been a victim of malware? It seems to me like email filters should be able to keep these from hitting your account, but I guess that’s not always the case.

For tips on protecting yourself from email scams, please click here.

(Source: Yahoo News)

Posted by Lindsay Page on Mar 20, 2013

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