What Would Fred the Baker Do

What Would Fred the Baker Do

Remember Fred, the Baker? The iconic star of Dunkin’ Donuts commercials in the 1980’s and 90’s who was so dedicated to making the donuts?

“Time to make the donuts…time to make the donuts…”

Wonder what he would have done?

Last weekend, Saturday night in fact, around 11pm, a man, who was obviously craving money more so than donuts, attempted to rob a West Haven, Connecticut Dunkin’ Donuts shop.

The robber pulled up to the drive-through window, handed the employee a $100 bill and asked for change. According to police, when the employee refused to make change, the man confirmed that this was a robbery and tried to climb through the drive-through window.

The quick-acting employee; however, stopped him with the closest weapon available – and no, it was not a gun. (Although I wonder if Dunkin’ Donuts’ next promotion consists of a discount or even a free donut if you bring a gun into their store?)

Anyway, care to guess what the employee used?

Scalding, hot coffee! The Dunkin’ Donuts employee threw hot coffee in the robber’s face, forcing the man to flee the area without stealing anything.

(Not to bring up a touchy subject, but didn’t a lady sue some hamburger joint that starts with a “Mc” and ends with a “Donald’s” for serving coffee that was too hot?! Looks like it came in handy in this situation!)

Anyway, I personally think the employee acted in reflex to the situation. The employee took split-second inventory of his or her surroundings, grabbed whatever was closest, in this case, hot coffee, and used it in self-defense.

Do you think the employee did right?

In this situation, is the employee a hero or a risk-taker? How so?

How can businesses be better protected against robberies? What methods, products, tactics, etc. should be used?

**My thoughts: Because I believe that education is such a strong force to correcting a lot of wrongs in society, for future incidents, should there be any, Dunkin’ Donuts should add a “What Would Fred the Baker Do?” section to their employee training program.   

What are your thoughts? Can’t wait to start talking with you all about this!

Posted by Ginger Hill on Mar 04, 2013

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