Father Displays Army Fatigued Child Holding a Military Style Gun on Facebook – Part II

Father Displays Army Fatigued Child Holding a Military Style Gun on Facebook – Part II

Just when you thought the story about the Facebook-posted picture of Josh Moore, the 11-year-old boy with a .22 rifle was over, it gets even worse. Now, N.J. Governor Chis Christie is demanding that a full investigation be done in order to discover exactly why authorities and Division of Child Protection personnel showed up on doorstep on the child’s home, especially without a warrant.

Shawn Moore, the father of the child, says he didn’t ask for any further action to be taken, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Do you think this is necessary? Since the cops and other authorities did not enter Moore’s home, is there anything worth investigating? I really don’t think so. It’s not like anyone kicked in the door, rummaged through their belongings, or confiscated their guns, so why bother? Shouldn’t investigations be done on something wore worthwhile?

Sure, I can understand why some people were worried about the kid, but obviously there was no real danger to the child, which is why no charges were put against the parents. In my opinion, no one was injured or violated. Yes, it was an inconvenience to have cops and DYFS show up at their house over a picture on Facebook, but no real damage was done. Can’t this issue just be dropped and let everyone move on?

The fact that everyone can get so riled up over a child with a rifle, is a little ridiculous to me. Children go hunting with their parents all the time (and yes, this is perfectly legal), so why get so upset? If the child had a gun pointing at something or someone in the picture, then I would understand the worry. How do you feel about it?

Source: CNET

Posted by Lindsay Page on Apr 04, 2013

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