Security Cameras an Asset to Boston Bombing Investigation

Security Cameras an Asset to Boston Bombing Investigation

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It’s no secret that security camera footage is often used in criminal investigations, so it should be no surprise that video footage has helped find a person of interest in the Boston bombings. The New York Times reported that there has been some surveillance footage found by investigators that shows a man who may have planted the bombs.

Security Camera Boston Marathon ExplosionInvestigators have been searching through videos and pictures from the surveillance cameras in local businesses, footage from television crews who were filming the marathon, ATM camera footage, and even images captured from marathon runners and spectators in order to find any leads.

So, just how many cameras do investigators have at their disposal? Well, downtown Boston had only 8 cameras in 2008. By 2011, the same area had over 100. And it’s estimated that there are probably more than 200 security cameras in use downtown, according to an article on the Local 12 News in Cincinnati.

The Boston Police Department is asking anyone with footage and images on their cameras and phones of the event, whether they were taken before, during or after the bombings to please let investigators see them.

Sources: New York Times & Local 12 News

Posted by Lindsay Page on Apr 17, 2013

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