Forgotten Weapon Found in Teachers Bathroom

Forgotten Weapon Found in Teachers Bathroom

Forgotten Weapon Found in Teachers BathroomI’m sure by now most of you know how I feel about guns. I’m pro-gun as long as people are properly educated in how to handle them and use common sense and RESPONSIBLE gun ownership tactics. However, when I woke up this morning and read that a security guard, who was picking up cafeteria money, left his .38 revolver in a teachers’ restroom at a middle school, I was so mad I could “spit cotton,” as my grandmother used to say, especially since it was not only in my state, but in my general area…Ft. Worth, Texas!

According to district spokesman, Clint Bond, “The school went into lockdown mode until the administration, principal, assistant principal and police could figure out what happened.”

The story’s bad enough right there, huh?

Well, here’s the real kicker! The security company was contacted, and the voice that answered the phone confirmed that the security company does NOT issue guns to employees! The employee of the security company, who actually left the gun at the school, he was the owner of the weapon. (I don’t see him keeping his responsible gun ownership tactics in check!)

This obviously leads me to ask: “Why did this security company employee bring his own gun into a middle school, loaded or even unloaded for that matter, and seriously, what was he thinking?”

We may never know the answer, because the security guard in question supposedly resigned.

Want to see something really shocking? Go to Google and search this exact phrase “gun school bathroom.” I was alarmed and sickened by the number of incidents similar to this one that have occurred across our nation.

So, just how secure are our schools? How do we improve school security? (Yes, I realize that money is an issue, but it’s to the point now that money is no longer a “good” excuse.)

And, what about responsible gun ownership? How do we, as a society, add this into the equation of living safely and securely?

There are so many ways our conversation could go regarding this school incident, so let’s explore them all!

As always, I really appreciate your comments, thoughts and opinions!


Posted by Ginger Hill on May 06, 2013

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