Man with Fake Facebook Account Lures and Kills Teen Girl

Man with Fake Facebook Account Lures and Kills Teen Girl

Man with Fake Facebook Account Lures and Kills Teen GirlWe all have had dreams of becoming famous at some point in our lives, but how far would you go to accomplish that goal? Most people work hard at singing, practice dancing daily, enroll in classes, and dedicate themselves to their dreams in order to become successful. But for Kyle Dube, a twenty-year-old man from Orono, Maine, that wasn’t necessarily the case.

Dube had dreams of being a hero. Instead of working to become a cop, a firefighter, nurse, or other profession that involves some kind of heroism on a daily basis, he decided to kidnap an acquaintance and miraculously “discover” her alive and well after holding her for a few days. He also decided the best way to accomplish that feat was to create a fake Facebook account in order to befriend his victim.

Nichole Cable, a 15-year-old girl from Maine, became his target. He managed to talk her into meeting him down the street from her house, where he then abducted her and put her in the back of his dad’s pickup truck. Unfortunately, Cable died during that ride in the truck as a result of being bound by duct-tape.

Her body was discovered a week later after Dube turned himself in. He has been charged with kidnapping and murder.

Since Cable’s murder, her friends and classmates have been re-thinking Facebook and social media. Some have even deleted their accounts altogether. Which does pose the question: is social media too easy to use for negative purposes? I know there are privacy settings for these accounts, but could there be something more to help protect users, especially ones so young?

Or do you think creating an account with any social media channel is just a risk we all take? Also, since the man used a fake account under an actual person’s name, do you think there should be stricter ways to verify one’s identity?

Source: NBC News

Posted by Lindsay Page on Jun 05, 2013

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