TSA Agent Criticizes Teen for Clothing Choice

TSA Agent Criticizes Teen for Clothing Choice

We all hate the security screening process at the airport, even if it is for our benefit. It takes times and there is a lot of hassle when you have to take off your shoes, belt, and other accessories just to get through. But what if the TSA Agent at your screening station negatively critiqued your clothing?

TSA Agent Criticizes Teen for Clothing ChoiceOn June 16, Sarina Frauenfelder, a fifteen-year-old girl, showed her ID at a security checkpoint at LAX airport. The TSA officer looked at her driver’s license and muttered something under his breath. When Sarina asked what he said, the officer rudely replied with a “you’re only 15. Cover yourself!”

While this is a comment that a lot of girls may hear from parents, I don’t think this is something anyone should say while they’re working – no matter where they work. When I’m flying, I like to wear sweatpants, a huge tee shirt, and flip flops. I go for comfort, and I certainly wouldn’t want to hear some TSA officer give me fashion advice.

He may have had good intentions, but it definitely wasn’t his place to speak his mind, especially while on duty. How would you feel about a TSA agent giving you some rude comments as you go through security? Would it bother you at all, or would you just shrug it off? I’d rather the officer focus on his job because I’d be curious if he’s really paying attention to each form of ID he’s presented with or if he’s easily distracted by something as superficial as clothing.

Source: NBC News

Posted by Lindsay Page on Jun 19, 2013

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