A Social Media Dare Became Next Day Headline News

A Social Media Dare Became Next Day Headline News

A Social Media Dare Became Next Day Headline NewsTruth or Dare? No, really, I’m asking you…remember that game we played as kids where we giggled as we blurted out “dare,” not knowing if our friends were going to have us eat a mixture of 10 things from the kitchen or prank call someone? Well, seems like MLB fan and Twitter user @MasoneDylan took this game a little too far…so far in fact, to change it to a game of “Cat and Mouse!”

Apparently, before the first pitch of last night’s game, @MasoneDylan tweeted that if he got 1,000 retweets, he would hop the fence and sprint onto the Citi Field diamond. A dismayed, and seemingly disgruntled, mom texted her son at 9:29pm, whose battery was conveniently at 11%.



However, even after his mom, aka his voice-of-reason, pleaded with him to not be ridiculous and he surpassed his 1,000 RT goal, here is a video of him playing “mouse,” by sprinting out onto the field, while security played “cat,” tackling him to the ground!

I think it’s important to note that @MasoneDylan chose to do this during a commercial break, not allowing television cameras to capture his “amazing” feat, leaving it to smartphones to do the work. I am also glad that security was on top of their game last night, too. I think their reactiveness to the situation as it presented itself shows true dedication to player and fan safety, so kudos to them, but really, what on Earth possesses people to do things such as this?

Do you think @MasoneDylan was just being an attention-seeker? What was he trying to gain from this anyway? Obviously, it wasn’t an autograph from MVP Mariano Rivera!

Thoughts, reactions, comments, opinions? I encourage and welcome them all!


Posted by Ginger Hill on Jul 17, 2013

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