Hackers Spy on Toddler Through Baby Monitor

Hackers Spy on Toddler Through Baby Monitor

Imagine you have just celebrated your birthday with your wife, children and other family members and friends at your house with a big dinner party. Everyone has left, and while you are in the kitchen cleaning up and doing the dishes, you hear a creepy male voice radiate expletives through your 2-year-old daughter’s camera-equipped, baby monitor that can access the Internet.

This is exactly what happened to Houston, Texas couple Marc and Lauren Gilbert.

Marc and Lauren immediately rushed into their daughter’s room, only to be met with a barrage of lewd comments.

Realizing that their daughter Allyson’s baby monitor had been hacked, Marc immediately yanked the device out of the wall, disconnecting it as he tried to figure out what happened.

“Couldn’t see the guy. All you could do was hear his voice and he was controlling the camera,” Marc explained.

Of course, the Gilberts called the police.

Reflecting upon the situation, Marc explained that his daughter “Allyson is deaf, so she did not wake up. It’s [Gilbert speaking of his daughter’s hearing impairment] somewhat of a blessing. If she had heard it, it would have been a big problem.”

This horrific and terrifying incident left the Gilberts wondering if there were any similar previous incidents that they were not aware of.

Can you even imagine this chilling event taking place in your home? What would you do?

What if that innocent baby girl would have heard this monster's words echoing in her bedroom?

How can baby monitors that connect to the Internet be protected against hackers?

This event is nothing less than chilling, leaving feelings of uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. To me, this is pure horror and terror that no scary movie or haunted house could possibly reinvent.

As always, looking forward to your thoughts, opinions, comments, reactions and questions. It's events like this that need to be exposed in order to keep children safe!




Posted by Ginger Hill on Aug 19, 2013

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