Facebook Post with Racial Slur Threatens Obamas Life

Facebook Post with Racial Slur Threatens Obamas Life

How many times have you been warned to be careful what you say on social media because it can come back to bite you? I see and/or hear this on a daily basis, especially being in the security industry; but, apparently this 68-year-old man didn’t get the memo!

After posting a news story to his personal Facebook page about President Obama, complete with a racially-charged threat, David Marsters, a retired police officer, found himself in a little hot water as Secret Service agents came “a rappin’” at his door. Taken to the local police station in Sabattus, Maine, Marsters was questioned by the agents for about an hour, to which he replied:

“I think it’s a lot of hogwash. I did not threaten the president…I might have used the wrong words…I didn’t say I was going to do it.”

So, what exactly got the agents in such an uproar?

On his Facebook page, Marsters included a link to a story about GOP lawmakers pursuing an Obama impeachment. No, not criminal…yet.

But, here’s where it gets a bit dicey, Marsters went on to add a comment that included a racial slur and suggested shooting Obama. Supposedly someone criticized Marsters’ Facebook post to which he responded that Obama “is not a legal president.”

Since this incident, Marsters has released a public statement that he didn’t intend for his Facebook post to be a threat and he regrets putting it online. But, I must play devil’s advocate here and mention that Marsters did propose an ordinance to require every Sabattus resident to own a gun.

Okay, readers? What do you think? Should you be able to say and put whatever you want on your personal Facebook page without any repercussions?

Should you be able to state your opinion(s) about any topics on your personal Facebook pages?

Do you think Marsters did in fact threaten President Obama?

Do you think there was any relation to the Marsters’ ordinance proposal about gun ownership and shooting the president?

I’m very excited to discuss this with you, readers! Looking forward to your reaction, comments, thoughts and opinions!

Sources: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/28/david-marsters-maine-facebook_n_3832313.html



Posted by Ginger Hill on Sep 09, 2013

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