13-Year-Old Boy with Fake Gun Killed by Deputies

13-Year-Old Boy with Fake Gun Killed by Deputies

13-Year-Old Boy with Fake Gun Killed by Deputies

Just a few days ago, Andy Lopez, an eighth-grader, was enjoying his afternoon outside playing with a friend’s toy gun. It was shiny and plastic, but it closely resembled an AK-47. While Andy was playing, two deputies on patrol happened to drive by; the gun looked real to them.

The deputies ordered Andy to drop his weapon, but he refused. Shots were then fired, and Andy was pronounced dead at the scene. Only after the boy was dead did the deputies discover that the gun was only a fake.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s department, the deputies fired several rounds and the boy fell onto the toy rifle. The deputies are now on administrative leave.

13-Year-Old Boy with Fake Gun Killed by Deputies

We all grow up with having toy guns. Sure, fake rifles and handguns look more real than they did when I was a kid, but that doesn’t make them any more of a threat. How do you feel about the deputies fatally shooting the boy? They did tell Andy to drop his weapon several times before they opened fired. Do you think that gave them the right to fire at him?

Being a young boy, Andy was probably shocked by the deputies telling him to drop his toy gun and that’s why he didn’t immediately drop the gun.

Do you think the deputies did the right thing? Or do you think they could have used better judgment? What about using a taser? Couldn’t that have been used, instead? I look forward to your comments. 

Sources: NY Times and Fox News

Posted by Lindsay Page on Oct 25, 2013

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