Siri Could Be Leaking Private Information From Your Locked Phone


When iOS 7, the updated software for iPhone and iPad users, was released on September 18, people were excited about the new features and the sleek, updated design. After just a few days, however, tech gurus and security experts began realizing that perhaps the software didn’t have the best security.

The main security flaw, according to Forbes, was that people could use Siri to bypass the security screen and access iPhone users’ emails, photos, and social networking accounts. All they had to do was hold down the home button while the phone was locked and ask Siri to access these apps, according to an article from Business Insider.

Another security breach in the initial iOS 7 was that users could switch the phone to airplane mode while locked, allowing them to disable the “Find My iPhone” setting in the control center, according to SC Magazine. Another security flaw included users being able to access a phone through the “Emergency Call” feature on the locked screen.  

Apple quickly made an attempt to fix these bugs and released iOS 7.0.2. Unfortunately, the updated software system still has a security flaw.

According to an article on Forbes, the way to bypass the security flaw in iOS 7.0.2 is to make a phone call through Siri, then click the FaceTime button, then click the Sleep button, and then unlock the iPhone. After that, answer and end the FaceTime call at the other end, wait a few seconds, and ta-da. You’re in the phone and can access voicemail, contacts and the calling app.

Though this security risk comes with the iOS 7 update, users have long known that if you want optimal security, you should disable Siri on the lock screen by going into Settings and then Passcode and Fingerprint.

What are your thoughts? Should Apple fix the newest bug? Should users be aware of the security risk? Is it not necessarily a security risk, but rather a convenient feature? Let us know what you think.






Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Oct 02, 2013

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