Police Officer Shoots at Mini Van Full of Children

Police Officer Shoots at Mini Van Full of Children

Tasers, batons, the sound of breaking glass, guns pointing, screaming and bullets flying at a vehicle filled with children, the youngest of which was only 6 years old! What exactly drove police do this? Would you believe the children’s mother?!

I don’t understand why Ferrell didn’t just comply, and do what the officers were asking her to do in the first place. If she had, I don’t believe the officers would have reason to result to violence.

Of course, Ferrell faces charges of child abuse, fleeing form police and drug charges, after police found a marijuana pipe in her vehicle. And, her 14-year-old son? Well, he faces charges of battery.

Ferrell’s lawyer called the officers’ actions “wreckless,” stating that his client drove away because she was scared for her children.

What are your thoughts about Ferrell? Did she get what she deserved? What about her 14-year-old son?

And, don’t forget about the police officers and the actions they took. Do you agree with what they did?

Most importantly, what about those poor, innocent (except for the 14-year-old) screaming children? My heart goes out to them as they try to figure out what exactly happened during this routine traffic stop.

I know how most of you feel about guns, so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, opinions, and reactions about this scenario!

Posted by Ginger Hill on Nov 18, 2013

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