Should TSA Agents Carry Guns?

TSAimageThe recent shooting at LAX in which a man killed a TSA officer has prompted an important question: should TSA officers be allowed to carry guns?

The president of the American Federation of Government Employees, J. David Cox Sr., has suggested that an “armed presence” of TSA officers should be in airports, as TSA officers are regularly subjected to “verbal assaults” and “physical attacks,” according to the LA Times. Arming the officers may deter those wishing to cause harm as well.

On the other side of the argument, however, some believe guns would not be a good idea in airports. According to the LA Times, former Dept. of Homeland Security official Stewart Verdery—who was involved in the creation of the airport screening agency—the issue of TSA agents carrying guns has been addressed before.

He said that TSA agents do not carry guns because it is unnecessary to arm thousands of employees when most travelers are harmless. In addition, he said the general public should want the TSA to spend its time being trained to look for dangerous weapons and people, not learning how to shoot a gun. The cost of arming TSA agents would also be drastically high.

What are your thoughts? Should TSA agents be armed with guns?

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Nov 06, 2013

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