Teenager’s Attempted Suicide by Fire

Teenager’s Attempted Suicide by Fire

Let’s face it. Life is hard enough to deal with as an adult, but I can’t imagine being a teenager in this day-in-age. I talk like I’m 85-yrs-old, but at only 37, it’s simply amazing how different growing up is in our world today.

I’m a teenaged product of the 90’s, having been in high school from 1991-1995, where I was actively involved in school activities, sports, UIL, clubs, etc. Unhappiness never crossed my mind. But, the school environment has tragically changed.

This time, I’m not talking about guns. I’m talking about attempted suicide by fire.

Teenager’s Attempted Suicide by FireAround 7:15am this morning, a 16-year-old male student from Standley Lake High School, near Denver, was critically injured after he set himself on fire in the cafeteria. Suffering from severe burns, the student was transported to an area hospital after a female teacher broke a pane of glass to access a fire extinguisher while a school custodian used the extinguisher to put the fire out.

Other students were present in the cafeteria when this took place; thankfully, none were injured.

Investigators are currently speaking with the 16-year-old’s friends, school employees and parents for clues as to why he would set himself on fire as well as reviewing surveillance video from the school cafeteria.

What could possibly drive such a young individual to attempt suicide in such a drastic way?

Was he screaming out for attention or help, possibly both?

What about the other students witnessing this?

What type of advice would you offer to someone who is raising a teenager today?

Looking forward to your opinions, reactions, thoughts and advice, while our hearts go out to the young individual’s family and friends as well as to the school.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Jan 27, 2014

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