Man with Pipe Bomb Boards Plane

airport security

Just as we have begun thinking it is much safer to fly (the long lines, clothing removal and liquid regulation are all indicators) a young man in Canada makes us question our beliefs. An 18-year-old man went through security in Edmonton Airport with a pipe bomb in tow. Security found the pipe bomb and removed it, yet the young man still boarded his flight.

Why exactly the young man, Skylar Vincent Murphy, was allowed to board the plane is still quite vague. A representative from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) told reporters that airport security personnel are not allowed to detain passengers—they can only alert law enforcement of a passenger doing something potentially illegal. According to an article from CBC, authorities were not notified of the pipe bomb until four days after Murphy boarded his flight.

Even more shocking than the security breach, however, is the punishment Murphy received (of which there was hardly any). He was ordered to pay a $100 fine, donate $500 to the University of Alberta Burn unit and received only one year of probation.

How exactly did this man manage to board his plane despite bringing a pipe bomb through security? What does this say about the current state of airport security? Let us know your thoughts. 

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Jan 22, 2014

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