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Sochi Under High Security

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In the past, the Olympics have always been outfitted with tight security measures. Getting so many countries together in one city (many of which have governments who may not “get along”) poses a risk for terrorist attacks and bombings, among other things. In addition, the recent bombing in Volgograd, Russia has left many uneasy. So Sochi, Russia, the spot of the upcoming Winter Olympics, has decided to take strong security precautions.

According to an article from CNN, the Russian resort town is implementing very strong security measures for the games. The city has enforced a “special exclusion zone” which only allows Sochi-marked vehicles, emergency vehicles or intelligent service vehicles to enter the Sochi area. In addition, air and sea traffic will be restricted during the games, according to CNN. Those who do pass by will undergo “heavy security and identity checks.”

According to USA Today, a privately-owned crisis-response team will be on hand to assist the ski and snowboard teams. The company will have up to five aircrafts on site (the largest of which can carry around 200 passengers) in the event of a medical emergency or security breach.

An article from TIME suggests that the high security measures being taken may jeopardize the “Olympic spirit,” possibly reducing the cheerful, exciting nature of the event. Others believe strong measures need to be taken because there is a clear threat of terrorism this year. What do you think?

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Jan 08, 2014

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