Having a Gun in the Home Does NOT Make it Safer

Having a Gun in the Home Does NOT Make it Safer

As most of you already know, I grew up with guns in my home, and as far back as kindergarten age, my dad’s rifles stayed loaded with the safety on, butt end down right by our Ben Franklin wood-burning stove. My dad made sure that I knew how to respect guns and how to operate them, from loading to firing to cleaning each one, so when the time came for me to interact with guns, I knew exactly what to do. This knowledge made me confident to this day, knowing that I could protect myself if need be, until this…this made me think twice.

Christy Salters Martin…does that name ring a bell? Martin is a professional boxer and also the owner of a concealed carry permit, so obviously she knows a thing or two about using guns (and her fists for that matter). But, when she attempted to leave her husband, he shot her with her own gun. Thankfully, she survived the ordeal, and now cautions other women.

Having a Gun in the Home Does NOT Make it Safer“Just putting a weapon in the woman’s hand is not going to reduce the number of fatalities or gunshot victims that we have. Too many times, their male counterpart or spouse will be able to overpower them and take that gun away.”

A recent study found that women with access to firearms become homicide victims at significantly higher rates than men, and 84% of all U.S. females account for all the firearm victims in the developed world. Chilling stats, wouldn’t you say?

Contradicting Martin is Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. He argues that firearms equalize a male and female, making them equal when it comes to guns. But, is he right?

At 5’4”, 135 lbs, the more I think about this, the more I realize that while I know the in’s and out’s about guns, a male could probably pretty easily overpower me, take my gun and use it on me. So, in this instance, I have to respectfully disagree with LaPierre.

Now, if I was on a shooting range with a male, shooting the same type of gun at the same targets, I’m pretty sure I could give him a run for his money, just saying.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with LaPierre when he says that firearms make men and women equal? Or, do you side with Martin, and feel that a man could easily overpower a woman and take her gun? 

As always, looking forward to a lively discussion based on your reactions, responses, comments, opinions and thoughts.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Feb 24, 2014

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