NSA Recording Entire Country’s Phone Calls

NSA Recording Entire Country’s Phone Calls

NSA Recording Entire Country’s Phone CallsShhhh, be careful what you say on phone calls…you never know who or what governmental agency may be listening and the reasoning for doing so.

The Washington Post recently got their hands on some leaked documents verifying that the NSA not only has the capacity to record 100% of a certain country’s phone calls, but it can use MYSTIC, the voice interception tool, to enable playback of any individual call for up to 30 days. According to this media source, MYSTIC is currently deployed in at least one country and has been considered for use in others.

This “program,” as it is referred to in the classified summary, is a comprehensive, all-encompassing wiretap that records “every single” conversation and stores it for later analysis. With no plan in place to filter out American calls that happen to get “acquired incidentally as a result of collection directed against appropriate foreign intelligence targets,” it’s possible that American phone conversations are getting recorded and analyzed as well.

I’m not surprised that the NSA is doing this; however, I am a concerned about what country they are recording phone calls in as well as what exactly they are analyzing the calls for.

Any insight, readers?

What country’s phone calls do you think NSA is recording?

What do you think NSA is analyzing in each recorded phone call?

Do you think NSA should filter out American phone calls, or do you think it’s reasonable to record an American phone call that is coming into or going out of this unknown country?

Posted by Ginger Hill on Mar 18, 2014

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