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Smart Guns: A Safer Solution?

smart gunsNew technology is being seen in certain shops across the country in the form of “smart guns,” or handguns that only deploy when the owner of the gun is in immediate proximity to the weapon, ensuring only the owner of the gun can use it. According to UPI, the guns only deploy when near a specially equipped watch, from a fingerprint or from another form of a biometric sensor.

So far, these guns have been seen for sale in California, Utah and New Jersey. At $2,000 a pop, the guns are not cheap. S.E. Cupp from CNN, in a video, explains why she believes smart guns may not be the best idea in terms of increasing gun safety across the country—they’re pricey and gun owners still have to register the weapons, which criminals are unlikely to do.

But what about law enforcement safety? Technically, the smart guns could prevent a criminal from taking a cop’s gun and shooting him, which could increase overall officer safety. On the other hand, the possibility exists that the technology may not be reliable enough in a crucial moment, according to UPI. “Sensors and fingerprint readers need to work even when covered in sweat, dirt, or blood—and once the weapon is picked up and ready to be fired, it needs to work no matter the situation.” For officers, the guns need to be 100% effective and nothing less.

What are your thoughts on this new technology? Is it a safer option for police officers? Would it help lower gun-related homicides in the US? 

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Mar 20, 2014

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