Airport Security Failed to Detect Teenaged Stowaway

Airport Security Failed to Detect Teenage Stowaway

Have you heard the one about a country that spent billions of dollars on airport security but still has major issues with security weaknesses? Oh wait! That’s no joke. That’s the reality in the United States.

Airport Security Failed to Detect Teenaged StowawayHow is it that a teenage boy, who was captured on surveillance cameras at San Jose International Airport on the tarmac, was able to scale the perimeter fencing around the airport, climb up the landing gear of a jet, hide in the wheel well and travel from California to Hawaii after spending billions of dollars to enhance country-wide airport security across America?


Apparently no one was watching the camera footage, and apparently the German Shepherd dogs and Segway-riding police officers were all taking a break. Still, it’s amazing how none of the people who were monitoring cameras through the 1,050-acre airport failed to see the teen.

Perhaps more amazing is the fact that the teen actually survived the 5 ½ hour flight to Maui in temperatures that can reach 40 degrees below zero with lack of oxygen. According to media sources, the teen was unconscious for most of the flight and didn’t regain consciousness until about an hour after the plane landed in Hawaii, emerging to a “dumbfounded” ground crew.

The good news is that the teen was unharmed and wasn’t charged with a federal crime in Hawaii, but he was referred to child protective services.

The terrible news? America is still unable to provide fool-proof airport security.

So, readers, I come to you.

Should this teen be punished? If so, what is a fair punishment that would teach him never to do something like this again? What about his parents?

And, how do we security our nation’s airports so that things such as this cease to happen?

Excited to discuss with you!

Posted by Ginger Hill on Apr 22, 2014

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