Marijuana Vending Machine Uses Biometrics

marijuanabiometricsAccording to an article from TIME, Colorado now has the first-ever marijuana vending machine approved for use without the interaction of an employee. Intended for medical use, the vending machine—called ZaZZZ—will be installed inside Herbal Elements, an Avon medical marijuana dispensary in Eagle Veil, CO.

Certain marijuana dispensaries currently use vending machines, though the machines sit behind the counter and are intended for employee use only. This device, as The Cannabist reports, will allow customers to make their purchase without interacting with any employees. But how?

Through biometrics. The Cannabist held an interview with the COO of the company that created the machine, American Green, who stated that the machine uses biometrics to confirm the identity of the purchaser. The system does not take medical cards because those in the medical dispensary will have already been authorized for entry before reaching the machine.

This type of vending machine does not currently exist in the public sphere, and whether or not it will one day is a topic of much discussion. More advanced biometrics and medical card authentication standards would be needed, among other security features. 

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Apr 16, 2014

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