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Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns?

school gunsJust a few days ago, the Florida House approved a bill that would allow school districts to decide whether or not they’d like to designate people to carry concealed weapons on school grounds, Florida Today reports. The House voted in favor of the bill 71-44.

Those designated to use the weapons wouldn’t just be thrown in without training. They would either have to have a military/law enforcement background or be trained on how to use a weapon. Those in favor of the bill (including Representative Dennis Baxley) point to the unsafe nature of “gun-less” school campuses and how they become targets for deranged people. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Greg Steube, believes the bill would help schools in rural areas the most, as their police response times are typically much higher.

Those against the bill (including Representative Dwayne Taylor) believe the state’s money should be spent instead on putting law enforcement officers on school campuses.

According to Florida Today, it still remains questionable whether or not the Senate will pass the bill. Do you think this bill should be passed? Why or why not?

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Apr 30, 2014

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