Popular Websites May Not Be Keeping Your Information Secure

passwordsecurityDo you use Groupon, Amazon, or Kickstarter? You may want to change your password. According to a study, Dashlane’s Password Security Roundup, these companies (and others) have “subpar” password security standards, according to an article from First Coast News (NBC). The article points out that the study examined 80 websites in six categories—dating, travel, productivity, e-commerce, security and social utilities.

More than 50 percent of the websites did not lock accounts after 10 incorrect password entries, over 40 percent accepted very subpar passwords (such as “password” and “qwerty”), over 65 percent don’t require alphanumeric passwords, and over 85 percent did not meet the requirements needed to be deemed “adequately safe.”

Companies were given a score between -100 and 100. Match, Hulu and Overstock ranked the worst, with -70, -55 and -55, respectively. They were followed closely by Fab (-50), Amazon (-45), Groupon (-45), Kickstarter (-45), Orbitz (-45) and Victoria’s Secret (-45). In fact, three companies accepted passwords with only one character—Fab, Match and 1800Flowers. But who scored the highest? Apple, with a perfect score of 100. Other companies that performed well include the Microsoft Store (75), UPS (75) and Target (70).  

The average score of all sites was just below zero, according to PC Mag. Surprisingly, security websites received an average score of -5, meaning they have weaker password security policies than Productivity, Social and E-Commerce. 

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on May 22, 2014

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