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TSA Uses App to Speed Up Security Lines

randomizerappAir travelers may not have to wait as long to get through security lines at airports thanks to a new app being used called “Randomizer.” The app—currently being used by screeners in roughly 100 airports during peak times—randomly decides which passengers can go through the PreCheck lane, where they don’t have to remove shoes, belts or jackets.

Part of a “managed inclusion” approach (which the TSA began using last year), the app uses software to randomly choose whether those in the PreCheck lanes go left or right, in hopes of making it more difficult for terrorists to detect a pattern. In addition, Business Week reports that the app could also prevent racial profiling accusations. According to Venture Beat, the app allows those who haven’t already signed up for PreCheck (which costs $85) to have free access to the fast lane. The PreCheck lane can process 300 people per hour, while the normal lanes can only process around half of that.

Venture Beat also reports than in addition to this new initiative, the TSA is “simultaneously” experimenting with using explosive-sniffing dogs, hand swabs and behavior-detection officers.

What do you think? Does the randomizer app benefit or hurt travelers and TSA agents? Let us know your thoughts.

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on May 09, 2014

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