Man Hides Drugs within Stomach Fat

Man Hides Drugs within Stomach Fat

When a keen-eyed deputy positioned along State Road 415 in Florida noticed a large man not wearing his seat belt in the passenger seat of a passing vehicle, his law enforcement duties called. The deputy pulled the vehicle over, approached and asked why he wasn’t wearing the seatbelt.

Man Hides Drugs within Stomach FatChristopher Mitchell, 42, known as “Fat Boy” and “Biggie,” weighing in at approximately 450 pounds, told the deputy that he was too fat to wear a seatbelt, but apparently his fat could be used for storage purposes, the deputy soon discovered.

When Mitchell and the driver, Keithian Roberts, started acting nervous, the deputy ran a warrant check on both men, discovering that Mitchell had a previous cocaine conviction.

With the help of Koda, a drug-detection dog, cocaine and 23 grams of marijuana were found hidden within Mitchell’s stomach fat.

Having previously served 3 years in prison for cocaine trafficking, jailers reported that in 2004, when Mitchell was released, his weight was approximately 265 pounds.

I wonder how Mitchell felt with a K-9 sniffing at his stomach? And, I also wonder if Mitchell decided to gain so much weight as a drug trafficking method, hoping law enforcement officials would never discover what was hidden within his fat deposits?

Posted by Ginger Hill on Jun 16, 2014

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