Vet Gets Harassed by Gun Rights Activists Carrying Assault Rifles

ftworthgunsJust around a week ago, a marine veteran by the name of James got harassed by a group of men and women in downtown Fort Worth, TX, according to an article from Mother Jones. The group of harassers – members of Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County – were demonstrating in a “family-friendly” part of the city around Memorial Day to support to legalization of open handgun carrying. When James heard about this, he headed to the demonstration to videotape the action, at which point the demonstrators began to follow and harass him.

Armed with assault rifles, the demonstrators began following James, hurling homophobic slurs and insults his way. According to Mother Jones (and the video the website shared) at one point the men said, "Are you gonna cry? Sounds like you're about to cry." The men began following James after they found out he wasn’t part of any news media outlet, but rather videotaping for himself.

According to Mother Jones, James himself is not anti-guns. "I'm all for responsible gun owners," he says. "What I was taught was not to wear it around like a gold chain. What they're doing is irresponsible. It intimidates the public, and people have just as much right to be comfortable in their public environment as these guys have a right to own their firearms."

Open Carry Texas has been known to use threatening, intimidating tactics in the past. The NRA itself publicly stated that Open Carry Texas’ demonstrations are “downright scary.”

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Jun 04, 2014

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