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What is the Most Violent State in America?

chicago gun violenceRolling Stone magazine recently put together an interactive map that explores what the most dangerous states in the US are. They base their information on a series of different criteria, including gun deaths per 100K residents, total gun murders, state rank by gun prevalence, whether or not convicted stalkers are barred from buying guns, whether or not people convicted of a violent misdemeanor are banned from buying guns, whether or not a major school shooting incident occurred since 2000 and whether or not background checks are completed on all handgun purchases. The map also uses survivors’ case studies.

Below, we’ve pulled together some of the key statistics, as well as which states ranked highest and lowest in each category.

Gun deaths per 100K Residents:

Highest: Lowest:

Alaska: 20.4
Louisiana: 19.2
Alabama: 16.2

Hawaii: 3.2
Massachusetts: 4.1
Rhode Island: 4.6

Total Gun Murders:

Highest: Lowest:

California: 1220
Texas: 699
Pennsylvania: 470

Hawaii: 1
Vermont: 4
Rhode Island: 5

State Rank by Gun Prevalence:

Highest: Lowest:

1: Wyoming
2: Montana
3: Alaska

50: Hawaii
49: New Jersey
48: Massachusetts

Number of States that Have Had a Major School Shooting Since 2000: 13

Other noteworthy facts:

  • People who have been convicted of violent misdemeanors are only banned from buying a gun in 15 states, which include Illinois, California, New York, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, among others.
  • Background checks are done on all handgun purchases in only 17 states, which include Michigan, California, Hawaii, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, among others.
  • Convicted Stalkers are only banned from buying a gun in 14 states.

To view the entire interactive map, visit:

Posted by Jamie Friedlander on Jul 14, 2014

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