Six Flags Great Adventure Refuses to allow former Marine Inside Park

Six Flags Great Adventure Refuses to allow Former Marine Inside Park

For a little fun in the sun with his family, Former Marine Mario Alejandro, who served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, took his wife and three children to Six Flags Great Adventure. Little did he know that his choice of attire would cause havoc.

Six Flags Great Adventure Refuses to allow former Marine Inside ParkAlejandro’s wardrobe for the day consisted of a t-shirt that was given to him by his children for Father’s Day. Making the shirt even more special, it was bought from The Reconnaissance Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports Marines. A red, white and blue rifle with the phrase “Keep calm and return fire” was printed on the front. On the back? The logo and website for the non-profit organization.

A security guard approached Alejandro, saying that his shirt was offensive and that he had to change or cover it if he wanted to get into the amusement park. Alejandro responded with pride, saying that it wasn’t offensive and it is a military shirt that means something. But, to no avail, the security guard made him leave.

A park spokeswoman said that they didn’t realize Alejandro’s shirt was related to a military charity. I’m personally shocked that the security guard, who is supposed to be highly observant, the spokeswoman and any other park employee didn’t see the Six Flags Great Adventure Refuses to allow former Marine Inside Parkback of his shirt, which would have clearly given meaning to the front that they found so offensive.

What about you readers? Do you think Six Flags had the right to deny Alejandro entry due to his t-shirt? Or, do you think it was right for Six Flags to do so?

And, now, the rest of the story: Six Flags Great Adventure President John Fitzgerald personally called Alejandro to apologize. Alejandro was appreciative of this phone call and accepted. In the meantime, the spokeswoman contacted Alejandro and invited him and his family back to visit the amusement park as special VIP guests.

Do you think the apology from the company president as well as the offer for VIP guests to the park is enough to remedy kicking Alejandro out of Six Flags in the first place? If not, what should be done?

As always, I welcome your opinions, thoughts and reaction!

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Posted by Ginger Hill on Aug 25, 2014

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