Wife Sues Gun Dealer over Slain Husband

Wife Sues Gun Dealer over Slain Husband

In 2012, Lyndsay Fox was forced to become a widow when her husband, Wife Sues Gun Dealer over Slain HusbandOfficer Brad Fox of the Plymouth Township Police Department was killed by a gun from the hands of 44-year-old Andrew Charles Thomas. You see, Thomas had a criminal record and should not have been able to purchase a gun in the first place, especially since he was on probation for forgery. However, straw purchaser (someone who buys a gun for another person who is unable to purchase one themselves) Michael Henry made sure Thomas got just the gun he wanted. Now, Lyndsay is taking action on behalf of her deceased husband.

With aide from The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Lyndsay filed suit against the Montgomery County gun dealer who sold the gun that killed her late husband Brad. She realizes that most gun dealers are responsible business people, but that those who are not should be held responsible for their sales practices.

Lyndsay gave the following statement at a news conference:

“I can’t stand the thought that the person who bought the gun that killed my husband was able to purchase 9 guns total in about 14 weeks---6 of those guns from the store that sold the gun used to kill Brad,” said Lyndsay. “The other 8 guns have never been recovered and I can’t bear to think about what those guns are being used for and the other families that may be suffering like mine.”

Perhaps most eerie about this story is that the owner, Luke Kelly, of the gun dealership named in this suit, In Site Firearms, is a retired police officer himself.

As always readers, it’s your turn to weigh in.

Do you think Lyndsay has filed a legitimate suit and is suing the correct person, in this case, the gun dealership owner?

Should Kelly be held responsible for the death of Lyndsay’s husband?

Do you hope Lyndsay wins or loses her case? Why?

Posted by Ginger Hill on Sep 08, 2014

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