Woman Points Gun at 11-Year-Old for Practicing Clarinet

Woman Points Gun at 11-Year-Old for Practicing Clarinet

It’s bad enough we have adults aiming guns at each other, threatening to pull the trigger, actually pulling the trigger and being just plain irresponsible; but, an adult pointing gun at a child…never is that acceptable.

An 11-year-old Colorado boy was outside practicing his Clarinet, as not to wake his sleeping baby sibling inside his home, when his neighbor, Cheryl Ann Pifer, Woman Points Gun at 11-Year-Old for Practicing Clarinetapparently didn’t take too kindly to the serenade. Pifer shouted at the child to get back inside his home. According to the report, the child refused by ignoring the request and kept his musical instrument singing. Then, she asked a horrifying question, if he wanted her to go get her gun. The obviously terrified boy said “no,” and moved inside the garage to his home to continue to practice.

The boy then returned outside to retrieve his siblings, when he saw Pifer with the door to her home open and a gun in her hand. Pifer waved her gun in the air, menacingly, and took aim at her front door while shouting, “Fire in the hole!”

The boy along with his six siblings scattered back into their home.

Gun shots were reportedly not fired; however, when police came to question Pfier about the incident, officers were greeted with a strong stench of alcohol on the 60-year-old woman’s breath.

“Oh you’re here to arrest me,” slurred Pfier.

Officers asked why she thought that.

“Well, because I pointed a gun case at that little neighbor boy,” said Pfier.

Allegedly, Pfier refused to open the door to her home until she finished a cigarette, but when she emerged from her property, police officers noticed a large, older-model rifle case just inside her front door. Inside, a 7mm Mauser rifle was found unloaded but with two rounds chambered in the magazine.

Pfier has been charged with four counts of felony menacing, seven counts of knowing and reckless, non-lethal child abuse and one count of prohibited weapon use.

As always, I anxiously await your reactions, thoughts, opinions and comments. Let’s talk!

Do think Pfier lied to police when she said she “pointed a gun case” at the boy? Or, do you think the boy imagined the gun? (I personally tend to believe children over adults in situations like this.)

What should Pfier’s punishment be for this act against a child? What about alcohol rehab? Do you think that would be more effective than spending time behind bars?

What should be done for the children involved?

Posted by Ginger Hill on Sep 22, 2014

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