My Neighbor Has Ebola, and here is How I Found Out

My Neighbor Has Ebola, and here is How I Found Out

My Neighbor Has Ebola, and here is How I Found OutAt 5:30 A.M. this morning, I received a loud knock on my door. Startled, I got up and answered; facing me was a Dallas police officer.

“Hello sir, I’m going around to let all of the residents know that someone in this complex has been found positive with the Ebola virus. You are not at harm and we’ll be cleaning up the area,” said the officer. He quickly walked away before my neighbor and I could ask him any more questions.

Which apartment was it? Do you know what areas of the complex could be contaminated? Are there any precautions I should take?

All of these were questions I immediately had on the tip of my tongue. The complex is huge, with more than 10,000 residents in total. Out of all the complexes around Dallas, the third case of Ebola and second to a health-care worker was right across the street, less than 100 yards away.

Soon I started observing the activity outside my window, such as fire trucks and hazmat vehicles blocking in residents (including myself) that lived within the immediate square. Police also blocked off a portion outside the immediate area for news anchors to establish position and report on the events that were unfolding.

Security becomes a fickle thing in this unique circumstance, because for all of the news trucks and citizens coming to observe, residents like me were just trying to get to work. Law enforcement seemed pretty comfortable with the decontamination of the outside of the victim’s apartment, because by 7:30 they had moved all of the large trucks and were keeping just a handful of officers around. It wasn’t clear what exactly they were doing – maybe just answering questions from passersby.

The mayor himself said this is going to get worse before it gets better, but I hope that police and emergency officials are doing all they can to prevent an outbreak; especially just a few doors down.

Posted by Matt Holden on Oct 15, 2014

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