Protecting Public Figures

Protecting Public Figures

Protecting Public FiguresEarlier today, news broke that shots had been fired on Canada’s Parliament Hill. The gunman (or men) has yet to be identified, but it is a frightening moment for the Canadian government and one that reveals some weaknesses in their security philosophy.

A guard was shot outside a war memorial on Parliament Hill before the gunman made his/her way toward the Parliament buildings – and soon they got inside.

What does that say about the perimeter security at Parliament, and in a bigger picture, about perimeter security around important government buildings? You have to wonder if those who charged onto Parliament Hill were inspired by the man who breached the White House gate and made his way inside.

Politicians face potentially dangerous situations every time they decide to give a speech in public or make an appearance. Furthermore, the buildings and mansions within which they live and work are often put on display for the world to see; a kind of celebration of the effectiveness of their reign.

The days of parading these monuments and structures may be numbered based on these recent attacks. Of course it is important to preserve and maintain their quality so citizens can visit and become more informed about their government, but isn’t it time to rethink how we display these national treasures in a way that doesn’t bring harm to those who serve the country?

Posted by Matt Holden on Oct 22, 2014

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