All I Want for Christmas is a 9mm

All I Want for Christmas is a 9mm

I ventured out for a little Christmas shopping over the weekend with my husband and of course, we ended up in our favorite sporting goods store. Fine by me; I can look at all the cute yoga pants and tennis shoes to add to my list for Santa!

Having talked about going to the shooting range a couple of times recently and the possibility of joining a gun club together, we ventured to the guns and ammo section of the store. As we were gazing through the case at all the firearms, a knowledgeable clerk assisted us, teaching all about a certain brand of a 9mm pistol that we could both use.

Using this experience as well as learning that TSA has already seized 2,000 firearms from carry-on luggage this year alone, as of December 1, 2014, I wonder, seriously, is it really possible to “forget” to remove your gun from your carry-on bag when at the airport?

In my opinion, “no way,” especially after handling about 5 different pistols at the store. There is no way that I could or would “forget” that I had firearm. Isn’t that showing a bit of irresponsibility when it comes to gun ownership?

As it stands, though, DFW Airport has seized the most guns this year, reporting 109 as of December 1; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport comes in second with 93 gun seizures; and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport third with 73 guns.

If TSA realizes that you have a gun during the screening process, you can be arrested by airport or local police and face criminal charges and civil penalties from TSA. In addition, Pre-check members can temporarily or permanently be banned from the expedited screening process, and we all know what that means…fighting long security lines.

But, even with these measures in place, it doesn’t seem people are getting the message.

Should penalties be even harsher? Why do you think people don’t seem to be flinching at these penalties as demonstrated by the increase of guns in carry-on bags?

I look forward to all your thoughts, comments, responses and reactions!

Posted by Ginger Hill on Dec 08, 2014

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