Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage at State of the Union Address

Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage at State of the Union Address

If there was any doubt about how important cybersecurity was this past year, President Obama eradicated such beliefs during his sixth State of the Union address. During his speech he cited the numerous hacking incidents that have happened, such as the Sony hacks, and what the government plans to do in order to prevent these incidents from happening again.

Cybersecurity is no longer just a problem within the security industry; it is now a major issue that affects everyone in every industry.

The approach families take to protecting their home from cyberattacks will be a big topic of conversation this year, as more children grow up connected to the internet at a very young age. How one can protect their social security information, banking information and health information is no longer a suggested area of focus, it is a must.

Password protection must get better on all fronts, from the home to the office, and accountability for any faults must be held. If companies could take a step back and re-examine their security policies, they could potentially save themselves lots of heartache. Mobile protection is also more important than ever, by protecting messages and images every individual can save themselves embarrassment going forward.

The time to act and take preventative measures is now, so let’s hope the leader of the free world was able to communicate that effectively.

Posted by Matt Holden on Jan 21, 2015

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