Security Guards Trampled at College Basketball Game

Security Guards Trampled at College Basketball Game

We are on the brink of March Madness with basketball games, fans and the security guards who must deal with all the chaos. This “madness” was demonstrated recently at a Patriot League title game in Lafayette.

Dressed in bright, neon yellow vests with “Event Staff” printed on the back in huge, dark lettering, security guards hovered about behind the line in the “out of bounds” area of the court, some facing the floor, watching the game; others faced the bleachers. With the “buzz” of the clock indicating that the 4th quarter was complete, Lafayette had scored the big win. When fans heard that distinct “buzz,” a bit like Pavlov’s dogs reacting to the sound of a bell, they sprang from the bleachers, storming the court, a typical reaction at college basketball games, I would say.

Remembering that college students are adults and typically make up the majority of the crowd at such an event, though, as the court was raided, two elderly security guards were trampled, literally forcing them onto the surface of the court.

Patriot League final. Fans storm court. Older man working security gets run over.

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Now, I don’t know about you, but I was raised to always respect my elders no matter what the situation, but I’m also not so sure elderly security guards is such a great idea either. In my opinion, there’s no way any security guard, no matter the age, could have stopped the fans from flooding from the bleachers in this situation; however, it seems more likely that an elderly security guard would get injured as opposed to a younger one. I’m not by any means suggesting age discrimination when it comes to working; I just worry about the safety of elders in certain jobs.

Do you think these elderly gentlemen should have been hired in a role of security at this event? Why or why not? Or, do you think that these gentlemen should have been offered a less dangerous position?

As always, reader, I look forward to and value your reactions, thoughts and opinions.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Mar 16, 2015

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