Video Portrayal of Gun Shop that Only Sells Guns Used for Violence

Video Portrayal of Gun Shop that Only Sells Guns Used for Violence

Have you seen the new anti-gun ownership video released by States United to Prevent Gun Violence showing a New York City gun shop that only sells guns that were previously used in gun violence? The Bushmaster AR taken from the body of Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook and the pistol that Veronica Rutledge’s two-year-old son used to kill her are featured.

Of course, this store doesn’t really exist, and the guns featured in the video are probably all fake and surely not the actual ones used in the violent scenarios that were discussed. However, I think those who are pro-gun and anti-gun ownership can agree that the video is powerful with its shock-factor content and tone.

So, does this mean the digital playing field on gun violence is leveling out?

What are you opinions of this video?

Do you think it will turn more people against gun ownership? Or Do you think it will actually have the opposite effect?

Imagine this New York City gun shop was in fact real. Would you purchase guns from it? Why or why not?

As always, readers, I'm looking forward to your reactions, thoughts and opinions! Let's discuss!

Posted by Ginger Hill on Mar 23, 2015

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