Gunfire Rings Out During Boys

Gunfire Rings Out During Boys' Basketball Game

I always thought basketball was supposed to be fun; I mean, yes, it’s okay to be a bit competitive, but violent, well that’s a different story.

At Christy Recreation Center in Southwest Philadelphia, 26-year old coach Maurice Tavares watched proudly as his team, consisting of 14-16 year-old boys ran back and forth, across the court, dribbling, scoring and rebounding. The players’ hard work put them in the lead during the first half of the game, but things made a turn for the worst during the second half as the opposing team made a comeback.

Tavares started to argue with a fan and before long, the opposing team’s coach joined in, trying to calm Tavares down. Philadelphia police said that Tavares began exchanging profanities with the opposing coach and as Tavares began walking backwards, he reached into his waistband, pulled out a gun and fired one shot as he moved toward the exit.

Hearing the gun shot, the crowd ran from the recreation center as Tavares ran to his car and drove away. There is a warrant for Tavares’ arrest and police are continuing their search for him.

No one was injured, but talk about a sore loser!

Okay readers, it’s your turn! What do you think about this situation?

Coaches are role models, so what does an incident like this teach our youth?

I wonder if a background check was preformed on Tavares prior to him being allowed to coach?

What about security at the rec center? None was mentioned in the article.

And, what about gun control? Should guns be allowed during basketball games?

As always, I look forward to your reactions, comments, thoughts and opinions.

(Image from NBC Philadelphia.)

Posted by Ginger Hill on Apr 06, 2015

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