Cuban Flag Flying over Embassy in Washington

Cuban Flag Flying over Embassy in Washington

American and Cuban diplomats stood together, side-by-side, while three Cuban guards dressed in white uniforms marched out of Cuba’s embassy, attached their country’s flag to a recently-constructed flag pole and raised it above Washinton’s 16th Street. This took place just 2 miles from the White House, formally recognizing the reopening of the embassy since about 1960.

President Obama did announce in December that the United States and Cuba would end their 5-decade diplomatic freeze, and today was the day on American soil, among throngs of demonstrators present to witness what will go down in history. The U.S. State Department will host a similar flag-raising ceremony in Havana, Cuba later this summer. Secretary of State John Kerry plans to attend and oversee this event on Cuban soil.

While this ceremony is a demonstration of two countries agreeing to coexist in a civilized manner, the event did “invite” pro- and anti-Cuban protests. Chants of “Viva Cuba” and “Viva Fidel” could be heard among “Free Cuba” and “Cuba, forever socialist!” One man was even arrested for throwing a red paint bomb into the crowd. (Not a good way to start the whole “civilly coexisting!”)

What are your thoughts about the reopening of the embassy?

Is it as “innocent” as it seems, just Americans and Cubans agreeing to get along? Or, is there more sinister actions underlying this event?

As always, I welcome your reactions, thoughts and opinions! Let’s discuss.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Jul 20, 2015

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