911 Dispatcher Tells Panicked Caller to “Deal with it Yourself”

911 Dispatcher Tells Panicked Caller to “Deal with it Yourself”

Imagine calling 911 during a crisis situation only to be told by the dispatcher to “Deal with it yourself.” What would you do? How would you respond?

Jaydon Chavez-Silver, 17-years-old, was shot at a party, so his friend, Esperanza Quintero, responded logically by calling 911 for help. Upon answering the call, Quintero immediately told the operator, Matthew Sanchez, that she was doing CPR and that she was keeping Chavez-Silver alive. Out of frustration, Quintero let the “f-word” slip out, only to be ultimately hung up on by Sanchez.

Quintero: “I’m doing CPR as we speak. I’m keeping him alive.”

Sanchez: “Okay, is he not breathing?”

Quintero: Barely. Stay with him. (inaudible) Stay with him, good job. Just stay with me, okay, okay. There you go. Good job Jaydon.”

Sanchez: “Is he breathing?”

Quintero: “He’s barely breathing. How many time do I have to f----- tell you?”

Sanchez: “Okay, you know what ma’am? You could deal with it yourself. I’m not going to deal with this, okay?”

Quintero: “No, my friend is dying. I... “

Sanchez ended the call mid-sentence.

Chilling, isn’t it? I think so, especially since Sanchez was a 10-year veteran of the Albuquerque fire department and had work in 911 dispatch for more than three years.

How would you feel if this happened to you?

What if this was your child and you heard the recording of the 911 dispatcher hanging up on someone who was trying to help?

Should Sanchez be prosecuted?

As always, I look forward to your reactions, thoughts, comments and opinions.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Aug 18, 2015

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