Trump's Great Wall of Mexico

On Tuesday, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly interviewed Donald Trump about how he will approach last Thursday’s debate. When Trump said that he wasn’t really rehearsing for it like the other candidates, O’Reilly responded by reminding him that he would be asked questions about how he is planning to pay for his proposed wall between Mexico and the US. The wall, which is being compared to the Great Wall of China, would definitely cost a lot, considering that Trump wants to make it completely impenetrable and build it through land that is already privately owned. Additionally, such a wall would face topographical challenges because the border runs through deserts and mountains, and is along rivers for more than half the distance. However, Trump said that by comparison to the Great Wall of China, “We’re talking about peanuts.”

Maybe to a billionaire like Trump, millions of dollars is peanuts, but I, along with O’Reilly and I’m sure many other Americans, especially in the face of our current national debt problems, it seems like a whole lot more nuts. Of course, Trump has a “simple” solution to this problem: asking Mexico to pay for it. Apparently, if he asks Mexico, they will pay for it because he said so, and because they’re making a fortune in the US. All he has to do is say, “Mexico, guess what? This is not gonna continue; you’re gonna pay for the wall,” and Mexico will oblige, just like that.

Personally, I don’t see the logic in this. If I was leading a country and was making a much-needed fortune, I wouldn’t pay another fortune to build a wall that would prevent me from continuing to make a fortune, especially if my only incentive to do so was that a businessman who had insulted my country asked me. However, Trump thinks that because the Mexican government (apparently he thinks more highly of them than he does of the rest of the county) is comprised of “terrific people and really smart leadership,” they’ll comply with his request.

If he really thinks they’re terrific, why on Earth is he trying to get a wall built in the first place? He’s spoken so poorly of Mexican immigrants and made keeping them out the main platform of his campaign, because supposedly they’re all drug dealers and criminals. Despite this, he’s had “hundreds- actually, thousands- of Mexicans that have worked for [him] over the years.” Either he is accusing them of something he doesn’t believe is true, or he is hiring people he thinks are criminals. Do we really want someone who is either outrageously slanderous or who hires people he thinks are criminals to be our president?!

Posted by Alison May on Aug 10, 2015

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