Giving Thanks to Security Professionals

Giving Thanks to Security Professionals

Some really scary things have been happening lately.

A Russian plane was downed by a bomb that made it through airport security. Suicide bombers attacked the people of Beirut. Parisians were killed while enjoying dinner or a concert and the Stade de France was threatened with explosives. Hotel guests in Mali were held hostage.

These terrible incidents have led United States authorities to be on high alert. Working tirelessly to provide a secure environment so that we can go about our daily life without having to fear what is around the corner.

I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to the military men currently fighting overseas to stop the attacks from their source.

Thank you to the government officials who have daily debates about what is best for the national security of our people.

Thank you to the police officers in our cities who, without fail, will follow blindly behind a suspicious person in an attempt to save lives.

Thank you to the TSA officials and the Air Marshalls for keeping the human interest of traveling a safe adventure.

Thank you to the security guards who keep our best interests in mind even when we are caught up in a concert or football game.

Thank you to the emergency response technicians, the firefighters and the EMTs who have made it their life’s work to always be on-call in case something terrible happens.  

Thank you to the professionals who spend their days pouring over the pieces of surveillance systems, the men and women who test out different components of equipment for the sole purpose of keeping families safe.

Thank you to the heroic individuals who, in a moment of mass chaos, would risk their life to save others.

And while I know that the world is not yet out of the woods and that war is sending its resounding echo around the countries of the east, I still want to say thank you to everyone who creates, implements or deploys security measures every day to ensure that we are able to feel safe in our home, an idea that some are not used to.

I hope that you all have a safe Thanksgiving with your families and don’t forget to voice what you are most thankful for.

Posted by Sydny Shepard on Nov 24, 2015

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