The Best Gift You Can Give Mom

The Best Gift You Can Give Mom

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. (Quick, mark your calendar! You’re welcome for the reminder.) Give your mother something that will give her (and you) piece of mind and security inside her home.

Check out these products based on the personality type of your Mother. Is she an independent woman, tech savvy or forgetful? There is something for everyone!

Independent Mom

There are a lot of independent ladies out there, and your Mom is probably one of them. While she wants to stay in her home, you worry that she will fall or find herself in a circumstance that makes communication hard for her. With Nortek Security & Control’s newest line of wearable accessories for enhanced personal safety, you can be sure that she is able to get a hold of help wherever she is.

The Numera Libris System leverages Nortek’s fall detection and integrated EverThere cloud-based platform to keep your mother connected at all times. The Numera Smart Cradle paired with new lightweight wearables can be used for personal safety daily activities locally within the home and remain connected to the primary Libris mPERS devices and deliver data to the EverThere platform.

The system has three models, including a Fall Detector Pendant with built-in accelerometers, a Convertible Help Button that gives you the option to wear as a pendant or on the wrist and lastly, a simple Help Button Pendant with adjustable break-away lanyard.

Forgetful Mom

Does your mother leave the house and forget whether or not she locked the front door or remembered to close the garage door? Well Vivint’s Sky smart home system can help to remind her when she’s long gone from the home and something jogs her memory.

The Vivint Sky platform is totally customizable to what your mother might need. The package can include a doorbell camera, a garage door control, a smart thermostat and smart locks on her doors. The whole system can be remotely monitored from her smartphone. The application can allow her to remotely lock doors, check who is at the front door or set the temperature of her home all from her phone.

The system has the ability to connect with Amazon Echo in order to be controlled by voice and also through the SkyControl Panel that can be mounted on the wall. So even if your mom forgets where she left her phone, she can still set her security system.

Tech Savvy Mom

Does your mother enjoy the technology side of security? Well, any of the products from FLIR are awe-inducing and just totally cool to have.

Gift your mother the FLIR ONE, a smartphone accessory that gives you the power of thermal imaging on your everyday device. The FLIR ONE can help to isolate places of possible warm or cold leaks in homes, it can also help you find the source of something that might smell hot or even could help when searching for lost pets at night.

The technology allows you to see things that you couldn’t before and is a useful tool to have around the house.

Are you getting your mother a security product for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments what kind of personality your mother has and what product would work best for her!

Posted by Sydny Shepard on May 03, 2016

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