Police Departments around the Country React to Shootings

Police Departments around the Country React to Shootings

It has been a tragic two weeks for law enforcement officers around the country. On July 7, departments mourned for the five officers who lost their lives in downtown Dallas, Texas. Representatives from Maryland, California and Florida could be seen at the memorial service attended by President Obama, who condemned the violence on law enforcement.

Just as the officers began to let the wound from their fallen brothers heal, another attack on law enforcement happened, this time in Baton Rouge. This incident led to another three officers dead, three more wounded, one of those injured fighting for his life, a machine breathing for him.

This tragedy on law enforcement being intentionally targeted and assassinated had officers falling crying out for a second time in 10 days. Police departments around the country are now doing everything they can to make sure a third event does not happen.

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is less than 35 miles from Dallas, where the first senseless act of violence occurred. The city sent police officers to grieve with Dallas PD on the day of the memorial service for the fallen officers, but also wasted no time putting new measures into effect that would protect Fort Worth Police officers from a similar incident.

In a statement released on July 18, the Fort Worth PD made several changes to the way officers patrol around the city. Effective immediately, Fort Worth police officers will “patrol in 2-officer units.” The statement makes it clear that under no circumstance should an officer respond to a call alone. Even plain-clothed officers are being asked to find someone to partner with them when they need to work in the field as an extra precaution.

“The possible inconvenience that this may cause in your daily operations is understandable, but is secondary to the safety of you and your fellow police officers,” the statement said.

In addition to the 2-man patrols, all officers will wear their department issued body armor.

Boston, Massachusetts

Across the country in the north east, Boston is beefing up their patrols as well. In a tweet sent out to followers, the Boston Police Department said they will be conducting two-officer units until further notice.

Officers are also being asked to utilize their protective gear.

“They’re telling officers to utilize their protective gear, put on your protective vests, be proactive in making sure that you have enough officers respond to a scene,” Former Boston Police Superintendent in Chief Dan Linskey said.

Cleveland, Ohio

The Baton Rouge shooting happened just one day before the National Republican Convention was slated to begin. While the security surrounding the event has been in the works for quite some time, events around the world have helped to evolve the strategy when it comes to keeping the convention goers safe.

Just like the truck attack in Nice, France had Cleveland Police bringing in snow plows to block off streets, the targeted attacks on officers have law enforcement leaders asking the thousands of officers set to patrol the event to stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams believes their preparation and planning will help to ensure no incidents will happen during the convention.

"We have to be ready for people outside the city and what they may or may not do. And that's what all this planning is about,” Williams said.

As for Baton Rouge and Dallas, the cities are piecing themselves together as the processions for their fallen brothers drive through the cities they patrol. The departments are allowing their officers to grieve but also reminding them to stay observant of any suspicious activity.

Posted by Sydny Shepard on Jul 19, 2016

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