Election Day Security across the Country

Election Day Security across the Country

This election season has been nothing short of crazy. It seems to me that many are just ready for Election Day to be over. As someone on Twitter put it, “I can’t wait for the season finale of America.” While we inch closer to Nov. 8, federal authorities and police departments are boosting security to make sure everyone makes it to the end of the election safely.

While a lot of major cities were thinking about beefing up security long before Election Day, a report on CBS News last Friday said that U.S. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al-Queda may be planning attacks in New York, Virginia and Texas on Monday, Nov. 7.

This news coupled with the announcement that Republican candidate, Donald Trump, will only accept the results of the election if he wins has helped cities and states realize just how much security is needed at the end of this election.

Here’s a break-down of security efforts at some major cities in the United States, before, during and after Election Day this year.

New York City

Due to the fact that New York City will have just hosted its annual TCS New York city Marathon, security will already be on hand should there be any problems before the election.

NYPD Chief of Department Carlos Gomez said his officers will be out in force on Election Day. There will be at least one uniformed officer, if not more, at each of the 1,205 polling sites citywide to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Mayor Bill De Blasio said there will be zero tolerance for any voter intimidation and officers are prepared if there is any disruption to the voting processes.

Both presidential candidates are expected to be in New York City on Election Day. De Blasio said NYPD and New York officials are coordinating closely with the Secret Service to secure the perimeter around the places were each of the candidates will wait out the election results.


In Texas, the main security efforts will be pointed towards polling places in schools. For Dallas, 85 schools will serve as voting locations. Dallas Independent School District says it has not received any specific or credible threats, but that there will be officers and security patrol at each of the schools.

While some schools are closing on Election Day, DISD is urging students to come to school. They believe Tuesday will be no different from any other Tuesday at school, just a little bit more traffic.

Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole says there will be increased deputies to patrol voting locations across the county as well, especially after claims of a rigged election and rumors of self-appointed “poll watchers.”


In an important “battle ground” state, police are setting up a special impact unit after concerns of the possibility of Election Day violence spread throughout the city during early voting.

The impact unit was also used this past summer when the Republican National Convention was hosted in the city. In this case, the unit will be around in case there are any individuals or groups trying to interfere with residents casting their ballots at a polling place.

In addition to the impact unit, Cleveland will be placing uniformed deputies at each voting location to look out for any threats.

In reaction to claims that the election may be rigged, the Board of Elections will be protecting their tabulation computers with armed officers.

For now, Cleveland’s biggest concern is long lines that could grow into unruly crowds.

What security efforts are being taken at your local voting location? Let me know by tweeting at @1105Sydny. Whatever you do, GO VOTE!

Posted by Sydny Shepard on Nov 07, 2016

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