CLS1-1 K-12 Layered Approach to School Safety: Lessons Learned in Planning, Preparations and Implementation

Nov 18, 2014

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Mike Seger

Director of Safety and Student Services

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation

School Districts around the country are attempting to find solutions for prevention or mitigation of potential threats to students, staff and patrons. Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation (P-H-M) is no different.  P-H-M adopted school safety as its #1 priority and set a goal: to prevent or slow down a threat and increase response time resulting in life safety.  By leveraging technology and establishing layers of security to protect staff and students, P-H-M has successfully provided its schools an advantage in preventing or mitigating the impact of an active shooter or other threatening incident.  Having a safe and secure learning environment creates a culture of safety and impacts student learning. In 2013, all P-H-M Schools were given an "A" rating by the Indiana Department of Education.

In this session, attendees will learn how Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation worked with first responders, architects, Fire Marshals, School Administration and stakeholders to provide an effective layered approach to school safety and security. Key components to be discussed will include preparations in evaluating the layered approach, planning all aspects of security layers and the implementation of the program. In addition, we will explore and discuss additional components including interoperability with first responders and lessons learned from a full scale active shooter exercise.