SP1-4 Ebola Outbreak: The Effect on Business Operations and Supply Chain

Nov 18, 2014

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Harlan Dolgin, JD, CBCP


Bio-Defense Network

The Ebola outbreak has become the most talked-about public health issue of the decade, and in this session, we will examine the outbreak and the risks it poses to business operations and supply chain dependencies, and explore ways businesses can prepare themselves and protect their employees.    We will discuss mitigation strategies from HR policies to travel security protocols to redundancy in supply chains, and how organizations can prepare for and continue operations should Ebola or another virus develop into a substantial disruption, including steps a company can take to help assure their employees can be at the head of the line if a bioterrorism attack, such as an Anthrax release, occurs in your community.