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  • Veriato Recon

    Veriato launched the latest version of Veriato Recon to help organizations more easily analyze, detect, prioritize and respond to insider threats. Veriato Recon—the user behavior analytics solution—now detects the problematic use of compromised credentials. more

  • Retail Intelligence application

    The new Genetec Retail Intelligence application will filter and analyze incoming video surveillance data to produce actionable intelligence about store operations, buying patterns, and trends. Armed with this information, marketing, operational and merchandising staff working at boutique-style stores or large multi-site retailers will be able to improve their customers' experience, increase consumer engagement, and positively affect in-store profitability. more

  • BioConnect ID

    With more than 2.5 billion smartphones in use today, it’s no surprise that mobile access control is quickly becoming an attractive option across the globe. BioConnect ID by BioConnect gives technology companies the ability to secure their mobile solutions by tying identity to the user verified by biometrics. Secure mobile credentials easily with BioConnect ID API or SDK. more

  • FingerCell 3.0

  • XXL 2.0 ID card printer


  • Avoiding an Identity Crisis: Why Advanced Visual Security is a Critical First Line of Defense

    Find about the potential cost of counterfeited IDs to your organization. Also, learn about new, technologically-advanced visual security features that can combat this problem, easily and cost-effectively. more

  • Retransfer Technology Delivers Optimal Card Printing Solution

    Retransfer technology is the optimal on-demand printing solution for meeting the stringent image quality and encoding standards that advanced card applications require. In the past, desktop retransfer printers offered low printing speeds and image quality, thus limiting their applicability in many card issuance applications. This lack of performance and quality slowed the adoption of retransfer technology industry-wide. Today, however, innovative technology for retransfer printing delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution. more

  • The Primer: Nuts and Bolts of Federated Identity Management

    For any IT department, it is imperative to understand how your organization can securely manage and control users’ identities. With so many employees accessing up to thirty different resources over the Internet to do their daily jobs—often with thirty different usernames and passwords—organizations are struggling to maintain a secure working environment. This white paper provides an introduction to leveraging user credentials securely through federated identity management. more

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