The CSI Influence on Video Surveillance: Meeting High-Definition Video Expectations

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Expectations for video have changed significantly. Unrecognizable video images are unacceptable. High-definition megapixel, video, now a requirement for forensics, surveillance and analysis, is breaking traditional infrastructures.

Our panel of experts will discuss the legal and business forces behind the changes. Planning and design considerations for a scalable, future proof infrastructure will be presented, taking you from the camera to the storage.

Your takeaways:

  • Understanding of legal and business forces behind HD video
  • Infrastructure impacts of HD video
  • Camera, server and storage solutions


Lee Caswell, founder and Executive Vice President, Pivot3

Brian Carle, Senior SE and ADP Program Manager, Axis Communications

Captain Barry Colicelli (ret), On-Target Law-Enforcement


Ralph Jensen, Editor, Security Products Magazine

The live event took place on December 6, 2007.