Selecting an Emergency Communications Solution...and Getting the Most Out of It

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As organizations continue to mature in the development of Business Continuity plans (people / work group / departments) versus Disaster Recovery plans (technology), the need for mass notification tools has grown. As a result, the number of choices, vendors, and types of solutions is exploding. Large numbers of alternatives are normally an advantage to the buyer, but it can add much confusion when trying to make the right choice.

In this one-hour online event, Ted Brown, President and CEO of KETCHConsulting will review the different considerations a business should examine as part of selecting a mass notification solution, including:

  • An overview of notification system fundamentals to understand the basics of how they work.
  • An examination of the types and generations of different technologies used to deliver messages to notification recipients.
  • A review of the six key criteria in evaluating and selecting mass notification systems

Presenting during the webinar:

Ted Brown, CBCP, President and CEO of KETCHConsulting will highlight some of the specific human concerns of business continuity that need to be addressed in your BCP. Ted will also provide examples of real BC planning tests for real people. Can they find the alternate site? Will they come? Will they stay?

Mike Martin from Varolii Corporation will then review the 7 essential steps to ensure that your organization's plans, procedures and technology is aligned and best suited to maximize the effectiveness of your BC communications program and solution, once implemented.

A Q&A session will be held during the last 15 minutes of the Webinar.

Approved by the DRII (Disaster Recover Institute International), this Webinar is eligible for 1 Continuing Education Activity Point (CEAP)

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This webinar took place on Wednesday, July 23, 2008.